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Student Engagement and Continuing Education:

Teaching and learning from our teaching roles is an important component of our vision towards a holistic, integrated and inclusive approach to heritage and its conservation.



Heritage Walks

Formal teaching


We both participate in (as resource people) and initiate a number of workshops both in formal education and continuing education processes and faculty development programs.

For e.g. introduction to GIS in Archaeological Applications to both heritage officials and students through CHI or Characterisation of Historic Neighbourhoods to students and general members of public to Need for Documentation (i.e. Understanding Historic Villages) to Gram Panchayat members through RDPR or Heritage Conservation - Value in Theory, Practice and Education at an FDP.


We are usually called in to lecture on heritage and conservation which broad heading gives us room to tailor the content based on our understanding of the audience.

For e.g. context based design for first year architecture undergraduates or documentation & characterisation of places for slightly more senior students to what is heritage and its conservation to eclectic groups.

Varied venues include Bangalore's PechaKucha, the 1st Designuru, college campuses like REVA, Christ Uni or on-site for student groups on field visits from other states.

Heritage Walks

Over the years we have conceptualised a number of heritage walks in different neighbourhoods of Bangalore from Cantonment to Pete on architecture, history, heritage and food.

These have been part of our efforts to raise awareness of Bangalore's past - rather to reiterate that it had a past and this past matters.

Our audience varies from school children, college students to mixed age groups. Most of these walks and maps are documented online on various portals.

Typically Saythu offers these walks only if they are part of an awareness building program and / or student project / teaching program.

Formal Teaching Assignments

The Saythu team has been open to undertaking teaching assignments right since graduation as it ties in with our philosophy of practice and theory informing each other.

We work across different institutions and programs from undergraduate degrees in architecture, design and the arts (interiors, tourism) to post graduate programs in architecture, planning, landscape and allied degrees.

Some of the institutions we have worked with include BMS, RVSA, MSRIT, DSSA, Aadhyamaan, SJB, Mount Carmel College.


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