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Community Engagement:

Brief note on each:

Nakshay  ...where communities maps their heritage. This is our passion project, one we hope will help us understand what different community groups value as socio-culturally significant.The results and analysis were published and presented at the BH2013 international conference by Politechnico di Milano and the Center for Conservation.

Hampi Crafts and Communities  We undertook this project on behalf of Crafts Council of Karnataka as part of Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India's 'India Digital Heritage - Hampi' initiative. As it progressed we worked with living craft communities of the Hampi region. In the interim we presented a paper based on our work at Vistara 2013 national conference @ Siddaganga Institute of Technology. We finally published a research monograph on the project and a critical take on research of traditional crafts in the international journal Craft Research.

Malleswaram Accessibility Project  in collaboration with Jaaga for Department of Urban Land Transport. The project aim was to develop pedestrian and cycle friendly streets. Our contribution was neighbourhood socio-cultural hub identification. We engaged with Malleswaram community to understand what they considered locally significant. The process / research report is freely available online.

Shivarapatna In collaboration with UDBHAVA, we were involved in the reconstruction of a ruined ancient temple in this village of stone craftspeople, on behalf of the NGO Kadambari. The project evolved in consultation with the villagers and a group of them (sthapathis) finally took over works supervision (though to our regret the project wasn't completed due to a combination of lack of funds and delay in releasing funds). The experience was presented and published as a paper in the Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region's 2008 international conference on Responsibilities and Opportunities in Architectural Conservation.

Neighbourhood Diaries presents stories and histories of neighbourhoods in collaboration with local residents. We started in 2010 with Whitefield Diaries which study was published in the international journal South Asian Studies and presented as a paper at the 2011 international conference of the International Association of Asian Heritage.

We have since moved onto other neighbourhoods and the overall project was presented as a paper at the High tech-heritage 2012 international conference by the University of Massachussetts and Center for Heritage and Society. View the films on 'Neighbourhood Diaries'. A recent development is a chapter in the book Heritage, Conservation and Communities which is part of Routledge's Heritage, Culture and Identity series.

Bangalore City Project  ...a series of urban space events, panel discussions, walks and talks culminating in an exhibition at Samuha - 'the artists's collective' that we worked on in collaboration with UDBHAVA, Max Mueller Bhavan/Goethe Institut and residents of different neighbourhoods we conducted the events in. All information on the various events, our approach, maps, walks is all freely available online.



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