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Popular Media:

o    Elgin Talkies, no longer ‘showing since 1896’, Jan 2012

o    All the fuss about world heritage, Jul 2011

o    To the past, through the stomach, Apr 2011

o    Yesterday once more? Oct 2010

o    Lalbagh-is it really a community space? Jul 2010

o    Heritage and Community value, Apr 2010

o    Value and significance, Mar 2010

o    Putting heritage in perspective, Feb 2010

  • 2010 (media article), The Fields are no more, in Bangalore Mirror, 29 Aug.

  • 2009 (media article) Lost Villages of Bangalore: Vallabharaya’s abode Vasantapura, in Citizen Matters, Aug 30.

  • 2009 (opinion editorial) Old wine in a new bottle or…? on ABIDe Bengaluru 2020-Heritage Blueprint in Citizen Matters, 14 Jun.

  • 2008 (media article) feature, Need for Conservation (regional language translation), in Taranga Annual special issue, May.

  • 2006 (media article) Conservation Plans, An Introduction in Bexley Archaeological Group, England newsletter, Sep.


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