We offer the following services:

Heritage Conservation


Documentation and Recording of a place by making measure drawings and taking an inventory of its existing condition.

Fabric Analysis and Conditions Mapping by detecting past additions, alterations and repairs; and providing analysis on required conservation works.

Conservation Plans and Statements of Significance by preparing documents which set out the value and significance of a place and highlight the threats, if any, to it.

Site Interpretation and Presentation of the tourism potential of the place.

Legislation, Policy and Master Plan Documents incorporating legal and regulatory measures needed to ensure character of a place is retained.

Integrated Site Management Plans which set out a detailed programme of works for the place encompassing documentation, fabric analysis, conservation plan, site interpretation and master plans.


Adaptive reuse by bringing in new compatible uses to old buildings, while retaining their character, ranging from large scale industrial warehouses to residential conversions.

Restoration and Reconstruction of a place back to its original state.


Monitor and Review

Annual, Biennual, Quinquennial and Periodic Inspections and Reporting to assess the state of a place.

Maintenance strategies and manuals with day to day policies involved in site management            




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